Position: Bus Attendant / Monitor

Please note: Submitting this inquiry is NOT an application. We receive too many inquiries for bus monitor positions and driver training to reply to everyone.

Our company provides school transportation to students with special needs. Some students have medical, emotional, or behavioral issues. The job of the Attendant is to observe the conversations and interactions of the students and to enforce rules for riding the bus, such as remain seated and wear the seat belt. Some of these students challenge authority and the Attendant must be patient and perceptive. You should have the ability to engage misbehaving students and try to influence their behavior. The job is NOT just riding a bus or van.
As with all employment, this position requires reliable attendance for work that begins early in the morning.

    I am currently:
    licensed to drive a school buslicensed to drive a school vanlicensed to drive a coach or activity busrequire training

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